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4 Ways to Bring Bold Color Into Your Space


Try these effective ways to bring bold color into a neutral or humdrum interior with tips + tricks on maintaining a harmonious, refined design.

1.  Vibrant Plants + Flowers

Add life to your space, literally, with lush plants and bright flowers. Aside from their verdant appeal, certain plants can help purify the air in your home and provide several other health benefits. The Snake Plant, Rubber Tree Plant, and the Fiddle-Leaf Fig are gorgeous, low maintenance options. If you prefer short-lived commitments, fresh flowers are another easy way to introduce stunning color into your space, not to mention a natural home fragrance. Have fun with your floral arrangements by reflecting the changing seasons.  If you travel often or you can’t be bothered with watering or maintenance, try artificial plants for the same aesthetic without the fuss.

2. Bold Accent Walls + Features

Select a single wall, or an interesting architectural feature, to paint with an accent color. Play up a uniquely shaped window, or a wall with a central feature such as a fireplace, to celebrate the special character of the room. An accent of color will add dramatic impact without overwhelming the space. To keep things fresh and modern, balance the intensity of vibrant hues with white or neutral tones. A general rule of thumb: 60% Neutral, 30% Accent, 10% Bold Accent. Be sure to consider the light and visual temperature of the room before selecting the paint color, and take the time to run some sample tests. This option might require the most time and effort to achieve, but the result will be a space that truly feels like your own creation.


3. Contrasting Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great way to not only inject fresh color into your space but also pull together the rest of your decor. As an added bonus, area rugs immediately make a space more cozy and inviting. As with any well-thought-out design, keep in mind general principles of balance and color theory but don’t be turned off by area rugs with daring patterns in fear that they won’t perfectly match everything in the room. If your furnishings are dominated by a single color then a playfully patterned, contrasting rug will be very enhancing. When in doubt choose complementary or split complementary colors for a winning combination. The beautiful area rug shown in the gallery above is from AMS Imports.

4. Striking Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are those unique, eye-catching items that irrevocably communicate your personal style. These pieces are the focal point of a room, and thus an ideal choice for bold color. When incorporating a statement piece keep the rest of your decor relatively subdued, and use small amounts of accent color throughout the space for a cohesive design. French Heritage offers an eclectic selection of fine furnishings with most being highly customizable in size, paint finish and fabric. Find inspiration while browsing our Shop page by either room or collection, and get in touch with us if you are interested in custom options. Preview a few statement pieces from our line in the gallery above.

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