Below are some guidelines to keep your furniture in shape for a lifetime, please read below for details on how to care for your French Heritage furniture.

  • Normal Usage
  • Care for Avenue & Felix Monge
  • Care For Maison and Accents
  • Care For Paris Loft

Wood is a natural material with variations of color shade, configuration, streaks, and grain structure. Each individual piece of French Heritage furniture has characteristic markings that will differ from photo and showroom samples. Don't be afraid to use your French Heritage furniture - that is what it's for! When you put fine furniture into your home or office, give it the care it deserves. Regular attention and maintenance of fine furniture can ensure its beauty for years to come.

Dust your wood pieces weekly to clean the surface and protect the finish from soil build-up. Use a clean, lint-free, absorbent cloth.

Protect all wood furniture from direct sunlight. Exposure to the suns rays may dry wood and bleach color.

Wood breathes almost like we do, so extremely moist or dry air should be avoided. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier when needed and do not place wood furniture near air vents.

Add felt pads to accessory bottoms to prevent scratching and use coasters to prevent water marks. Do not let water stand on a wood surface and use a protective plate under vases.


Each piece of furniture is finished with the greatest care using techniques that have been employed for two hundred years. Natural lacquer, French enamel and beeswax are used to create an incredible shine. The aging and the variations of the shine and textures are part of an exceptional and unique way of hand finishing.

Lacquers, varnishes, shellacs, polyurethane/polyester finishes and painted surfaces can be protected with waxes or polishes. Select the wax or polish according to the level of gloss or sheen you desire. Do not mix products as a dull film may result.

A beautiful high gloss is achieved with consecutive applications of paste wax with a lot of buffing. Paste wax is recommended, and offers the best protection for fine wood with a hard finish. Beeswax is a softer, more nourishing wax, and carnauba, a tougher, harder wax.

Satin-gloss and low-gloss finishes are best achieved and maintained by the use of cream waxes or liquid cleaning polishes which do not contain silicones. French Heritage does not recommend the use of products containing silicone as they build up on the surface and are hard to remove.

Maison and Accents pieces are hand rubbed or painted finishes on either solid wood or wood with veneers. Their finish is usually a satin or low gloss finish. To protect use cream waxes, liquid polishes or aerosol sprays without silicone.

Paris Loft Collections are made from reclaimed teak from Java and are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. Their surfaces range from smooth to a more rustic hand and the finish techniques are all eco-friendly. To maintain these pieces simply hand rub with bees wax once a year. Apply the wax, let sit for the wax to soak in, and dry off the remaining wax.

French Heritage is a fashion forward medium-high, to high-end French furniture manufacturing company.

French Heritage offers a contemporary mix of many French inspired styles to excite the imagination and add just the right flair to any room.


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